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Swing Gate Specifications

Articulated Arm Automations

The most appropriate words to describe Facil automation are ease of use and flexibility. Irreversible electromechanical automation for swing gates, they are the ideal solution for heavy-duty applications. Quiet and sturdy, they are easy to install and can be connected to any applications, however complex, such as wings supported by very large or out-of-plumb pillars.

Facil has been designed practically to ensure ease of installation and connection, as well as suitability with different types of motors. For both actuators, the ABS guard ensures a good weather resistance and boasts high-quality, elegant finishes, simple and clean lines and perfectly blends to any type of entrance.

Facil has also been designing to accommodate a cord-operated release system and a reduction unit disconnected indication micro-switch. The automation comes complete with adjustable mechanical stops.

For gate wings up to 2.3m
Manual release easily accessible in case of power failure
Open/close mechanical stops as standard
24v version available with the option of battery back up

Cubic 6H

If you prefer hidden gate versions, the ideal models are CUBIC geared motors that are housed under the gate. CUBIC is an underground, electromechanical system specially designed to invisibly move any type of swing gate or main door with no need to install external actuators onto the gate or post. The system is composed of a strong-geared motor, housed in a foundation casing beside the gate pier. This geared motor, through a special kynematic group or gear system, causes the rotation of the gate leaf. Should a failure occur, the gate can be manually opened or closed by releasing the geared motor mechanism by using an extended key control or powering the geared motor (DC) with batteries.*

This concealed solution allows the movement of valuable gates, both modern and traditional, without modifying their aesthetics.

Totally concealing system
Possible gate leaf opening up to 180°
Gate leaf adjustable speed (DC)*
Starting at max power (MPS)*
Adjustable obstacle detection (ODS)*
Stainless Steel embedding box optional

*With LOGIC control panels

Obbi External Automated System

The OBBI geared motor has been designed according to the traditional basic concept of the ring/worm screw reduction gear. Its structure houses a motor, a gear, the worm screw and an unlocking system. The OBBI system is even suitable for moving gates with very small pillars. The voltage is 24 V DC.

The operation of the motor causes the rotation of the ring and thus of the worm screw, which is contained in a compact casing made of anodized aluminium. This, in turn, causes the movement of the gate leaf via the front connection.

The very slim structure of the actuator allows it to be integrated exceptionally well with the gate and enables it to be assembled very easily.

The geared motor has a considerable stroke and an opening angle of up to 110°. In the case of power failure, manual operation is always possible by unlocking the gear with a key, or automatic operation if a control panel with batteries is installed.

High safety guaranteed by 24V DC power supply to the geared motor
Very elegant and simple design

Luxo System

Elegant and refined, Luxo was born to be admired and desired.

Its modern and futuristic structure is characterised by a soft combination of round and smooth forms and is suitable for any type of gate frame. The aluminium makes it look light and clean and will last a long time despite bad climatic conditions.

It has been designed to comply with the most solid and reliable DITEC mechanisms.

No problem in case of power failure due to the manual lock release
Easy installation
Wires located in a specially designed raceway to avoid scratching, torsion and wear during operation
All fixing screws made of weatherproof stainless steel
3BH - 300kg each
5BH - 500kg each

ARC External Automated System

If the gate's support pillars are of large dimensions or if the wings are out-of-plumb, the suitable automations are ARC models. They have geared motors with articulated arm motion transmission, capable of effectively solving even the most complex technical problems. Available in 24v DC. This system has been specially designed to move any type of gate without having to modify its structure.

The system is very practical and gates can be motorised even in peculiar conditions or difficult installations due to very large pillars or out-of-plumb wings. Its installation is very simple and can be done by fitting the geared motor to the pillar and by connecting the articulated arm between the geared motor's lower shaft and the adjustable profile fastened to the door. The design is very essential and simple. Its contemporary colours allow it to blend in with both modern and traditional looking gates.

Very easy installation
Single solution for right-hand and left-hand leaves
Startup at maximum power (MPS)*
Adjustable obstacle detection (ODS)*
Stroke with adjustable brake (DC)*

*With LOGIC control panels

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