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The Easylift Group is proud to provide exceptional garage door products and services to residential, commercial and industrial properties, all at an affordable price. Whether your current door is broken, you want a new look for your home or you're looking for a commercial-grade garage door, we have what you need. The Easylift Group supplies products from only the best in companies, who provide a wide range of utility and style options. Our team of experts have a depth of experience and understanding which enables us to meet the individual needs of our customers throughout metropolitan and regional Australia.
The Easylift Group does more than just provide you with products. We also fully service each product we sell.

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Mirage Doors

Since its inception in 1966, Mirage Doors has evolved to become Australia's premier manufacturer of roller shutters, roller grilles, counterweight doors and specialised door systems. Our family-owned business pioneered the design, manufacture and installation of roller shutters and roller grilles for retail and commercial premises. With the emergence of shopping centre malls in the 1970s, Mirage products have and continue to feature in the vast majority of retail developments throughout Australia.

Mirage Doors offers decentralised manufacturing facilities in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Perth. We are proud of our design and manufacturing capabilities, which produce effective product solutions for a wide variety of architectural applications.

Our continued presence in shopping centres has been complemented by the introduction of local and overseas specialist door systems such as Durus® traffic doors (USA), Robinson Truck Shutters (UK), Counterweight Doors, SD300 Folding Closures and Sectional Doors.


We have continued to design and develop product solutions for an ever-increasing diversity of applications, such as shopfronts and showrooms, joinery, window protection, car park entries, warehouses and factories, aircraft hangars, fire-resistant openings, cold and food storage and indoor/outdoor separation. Our joinery services include counters, bars, cabinets and doorways.

Our vision is to be recognised as the first choice for customers who are passionate about product quality, efficient customer service and value for money. We are seen in the marketplace as the company who cares about excellent customer service and delivers high quality products and after-sales service.

Design Centre

Unlike clothing you can try on or a car you can test drive, you can’t take a garage door home to try out before purchasing. We know how frustrating it can be to make a big purchase only to find it doesn’t match your style or doesn’t look as good as you thought it might.

Well, we have a simple solution in the form of an online visualiser. That way you can see what the best option is before you make a decision.

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