Easylift Garage Doors and Automatic Gates
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Easylift Garage Doors and Automatic Gates
Easylift Garage Doors and Automatic Gates
Bin Lifters
The range of Liftmaster bin lifters offers 4 different models to provide the choice of the most appropriate model for your application, tipping240,140,120 and 80 litre wheelie bins into dumper bins.
Each model is constructed of high strength galvanised & powder coated steel for long life and maximum toughness.

BLHP Hydraulic Hand Pump - 100kg capacity
This hand pump version is recommended for use in mines, flame hazardous areas, or where there is no electric power available. It only takes about 20 double-action pumps to tip all the rubbish into the dumper. To lower the bin, unscrew the relief valve and the bin will lower in a safe, controlled way taking 18 seconds.
Available in 2 sizes to suit 1500 or 1800 mm high side dumper bins.

BLEH Electro Hydraulic - 150kg capacity
If you are tipping more than 3 bins a day, and heavy waste loads, this is the bin lifter to use. 2 versions are available, and both offer a simple push button operation for lifting 240 and 140 litre wheelie bins, and with a built in adjustment they can take 120 and 80 litre wheelie bins.
BLEH12 is a 12volt battery driven unit fitted with recharger.
Even though it is battery driven, it gives approx. 70 lifts per charge. The benefits are that this model can be wheeled anywhere you want without dragging power cords.
Perfect for institutions or schools where you might not want mains power used by operators for added safety. A wind guard and rubbish shoot are built in. The enclosed motor, battery & charger box is water resistant. Simply recharge the battery overnight.

BLEH240 is a 240volt mains power version for heavy use.
Primarily designed for demanding applications where up to 20 lifts per hour are required. These can be permanently wired in if adapted for static use, and are designed for a 10amp plug (and you can use a 10amp extension cord). These units have a wind guard and rubbish shoot built in, along with many safety features.

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