Easylift Garage Doors and Automatic Gates
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Easylift Garage Doors and Automatic Gates
Easylift Garage Doors and Automatic Gates
Rack Accessories
Smart Guard
When it comes to rack protection and improving workplace safety SmartGuard is the lowest cost solution on the market.

There are no installation costs, no floor damage upon impact, and replacement costs are low.

Easylift Cairns and Easylift Rockhampton for more information on Smart Gurad.
Barrel Chocks
Barrel Chocks are used when barrels or drums are to be stored on Keylock Beams.
They prevent the barrel from rolling along the beam. The Barrel Chocks are fitted over the front beam or both front and rear beams, but are not fixed.
Column Guard
The column guard is bolted to the floor in front of the uprights to a height of 360mm providing protection from forklifts to the bottom portion of the upright. As it is not connected to the upright it takes all impact.
Fork Entry Bars
These are used when unsuitable pallets or unpalletised loads are to be stored on beams and handled by forklift trucks. The bars provide a gap of approximately 75mm above the beam for forks.
Mesh Binning
Improve efficiency and flexibility by increasing the number of available pick face locations.
They are easy to install and reconfigure at any time and no tools are required.
Suitable for small parts of all types.
Mesh Deck Dividers
Pre-welded clips on mesh decks, enable dividers to simply clip on.
Advantages being that they are fast to install, flexible and easy to adjust. Ideal for order picking and bulky retail applications, and provide better stock organisation and identification.
Mesh Decks
Uniquely profiled supports for superior performance.
Suits all rack sizes and manufacturers.
Can eliminate doubling handling and reduce pallet hire costs.
Light, medium and heavy duty decks available.
Pallet Support Bars
Supported at each end by the beams, Pallet Support Bars provide a secondary support member for pallet racking.
The Pallet Support Bar is designed to have its top surface approximately flush with the beams.
Punch Decks
Punch Deck is a new form of platform for use in racking. It combines the strength, functionality and economy of regular corrugated steel decking with the advantage of 50% open surface area created by a series of large, flanged holes. These holes allow penetration of air, light and fire sprinkler water. Punch Deck also provides a uniform flat storage surface that is free of raised protrusions.
Rack Guard
Rack damage is a problem in almost every warehouse. Rack systems are not designed to be struck by lifting equipment, let alone to be impacted on an ongoing basis. Rack Guard is the quick and efficient way to safeguard your storage racks.

Bright and distinctive, Rack Guard is a visual reminder to fork operators to steer clear of the racks. But it is the resistance to impact that makes Rack Guard so effective.
Rack Guard surrounds rack legs and provides protection from every angle. Therefore minimises the force of impact that can damage the structural integrity of racks and floors.
Made from UV stabilized plastic it remains highly visible in bright safety yellow, it will not fade, is waterproof and is easy to clean and remove for rack maintenance.
Unlike other rack protection devices Rack Guard is lightweight and can be installed by one person in seconds. Simply position Rack Guard around any rack leg and fasten the heavy duty straps.
Rack Inspection Kit
The user guides and inspection forms allow you to keep accurate records that comply with AS4084.
The Rack Inspection kit is suitable for most types of pallet racking.
The kit comes complete with the following:

  • Non Standard Beam Deflection Gauge
  • Standard Beam Deflection Gauge
  • Upright Inspection Gauge
  • Upright Assessment Module
  • Deflection Assessment Module
  • Inspection Forms Record Book
  • User Guide
  • Tape Measure
  • Safety Signs
    Safety Signs are crucial items in rack safety. These signs are instrumental in safe use of racking as outlined in Australian Standard AS4084.
    Safe Working Signs contain important load information and Maintenance Signs contain basic safety rules.

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