Easylift Garage Doors and Automatic Gates
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Easylift Garage Doors and Automatic Gates
Easylift Garage Doors and Automatic Gates
Plastic Bins, Crates & Tubs, Parts Bins, Louvered panels & Van kits
Materials Handling Containers

Made from food grade polyethylene, and can be used for a wide range of applications such as meat or seafood displays, or for distribution of industrial products at a processing plant. They are easy to stack & nest and feature built in grips for efficient handling. The complete range of pictures are not shown here.

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Agricultural Boxes

This versatile range of boxes will suit virtually all of your agricultural materials handling needs. For example, the 66 litre, ventilated Lug Box is a multi-functional container ideal for fishing and fresh produce applications as well as general purpose storage.
Smooth internal sides
Stainless steel handles
Easy to clean
Nestable & stackable

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Team Systems

Spare Parts Bins

Dexion Shelf Bins are designed to be incorporated within the Ultima shelving system. When placed on a shelf they create convenient drawer-like access for small parts. Integrate Dexion Shelf Bins with other Dexion products for the ultimate small parts storage solution.
Shelf Bins are available in 3 depths - 300, 450, 600mm. They are also available in 2 widths - 105 and 168mm. Shelf Bin dividers allow you to divide the bins into a further 8 compartments regardless of the bin size.

Steel Parts Bins

Steel parts bins for extra durability. Optional bin dividers.
Suitable for storage of most spare parts. Front pull handle & label holder.
Dividers make for easy adaptability. Divisions at 25mm increments.
Powder coated finish.

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Easylift Material Handling

Rak-A-Van Shelving Systems

The Rak-A-Van Shelving System has been designed to give you the maximum storage capacity available and is currently being used by fleets and individual tradesman alike.

Suitable for installation in all vehicle models
More storage capacity for odd size items
Easy inventory control - reduces overstocking of expensive items and increases space for most used products
Fully adjustable
- vertical to gain the maximum use of your van height
- horizontal to follow the contour of the van and allow more aisle space
Maximum working space and fast access to all items
Optimises productivity - increases profits for your business
Frame Shelving - Medium duty storage visibility - weight loading up to 20kgs per tray.
Panel Shelving - Heavy duty storage - weight loading up to 50kgs per tray.
Bin Shelving Trays (T&P Range) - 20 sizes available
Open Shelving Trays (S range) - 12 sizes available
Lockable Shelving Trays - These are for storage of valuable items (tools etc.).
Sliding Shelves (ST Range) - High density storage trays that slide out to give you easy access to store small to medium components - weight loading up to 20kgper tray.

The design allows for easy self-installation of the system.
Easy to change tray location… All fully adjustable.
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Rack A Van

Louvered Panels

Maxi is a system of louvred panels, bins and accessories, for handling and storing a wide variety of small parts and components.

The wide range of bin sizes allow components to be stored in convenient quantities and to be instantly visible and available for selection.

Hanging and Stackable Bins

Maxi hanging and stackable bins are the market leader in open fronted containers.

Maxi Bins are available in six sizes and in five colours.

Maxi Bins are most commonly hung on louvred panels, but their unique interlocking design enables Maxi Bins to be stacked securely without the bin splaying under load.
Louvred Panels

Louvred Panels form the backbone of the Maxi Storage System.

They are pressed steel panels designed to allow all sizes of Maxi Bins to hang in a high density, free configuration, perfect for small parts picking. The special lip on the rear of the bin is seated over the louvre of the panel. The bin sits securely on the panel, but is easily removed when required. They are available in single, double, trolley and bench configurations.

Louvred Panel Accessories

Louvred Panels are often used in conjunction with Maxi Bins but there are many alternative accessories that can be used to accommodate more awkward shaped items. Accessories include hooks and shelf trays.

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Caddy Storage Systems

  • Integrated Shelving
  • Trade Kits
  • Drawers and Slides
  • Value Rack Shelving
  • Van Racking Accessories
  • Vehicle Accessories
  • Cargo Barriers
  • Caddy Canopies
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