Easylift Garage Doors and Automatic Gates
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Easylift Garage Doors and Automatic Gates
Easylift Garage Doors and Automatic Gates
Office Compactus
Eclipse Compactus
Affordable Powered Mobile Storage
Spacesaver® Eclipse by Dexion makes powered high-density mobile storage more affordable than ever before.

Create your own powered storage solution from a broad range of features and options for guidance and drives, control and safety, power and wiring, environmental monitoring, security lighting and more.

Simple remove configurability makes it easy to reconfigure Eclipse once it's installed. And as your storage needs change, Eclipse can be readily reconfigured to meet them. It's modular design allows for easy future upgrades.

Which means the system you buy today can easily evolve into the system you'll need tomorrow.

Eclipse stretches your thinking about storage. Without breaking the bank.

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Eclipse Brochure

Freetrack 2 Compactus®
Dexion is excited to introduce the latest product in mobile and static shelving systems - Freetrack 2 Compactus. It is significantly better in design, capacity, strength, performance, value and safety. Dexion Freetrack 2 Compactus is the ideal light weight Compactus system for just about any storage and filing application.
The lighter weight system reduces the chance of operator strain and loads imposed on the floor. But just because Freetrack 2 is lighter than other systems this doesn't mean it isn't built tough. Move block-loads up to 1000kg effortlessly with Freetrack 2 Compactus.

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Freetrack Spec sheet

Mekdrive Compactus®
Mekdrive is revolutionising in-office storage. It is the lightest mechanically assisted mobile available by far. This keeps floor loads to a minimum, a major consideration in some high rise buildings. And best of all, its unique belt-drive technology moves bays effortlessly reducing operator strain and potential causes of injury.

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Mekdrive Specification Sheet

Multi-Bay Compactus®
Multi-Bay's fixed floor-track system caters for uneven floor surfaces. It is ideal for the bulk storage of any regularly accessed item in the office, back-of-house in a retail area, library, warehouse or small archive.

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Multi-bay Specification Sheet
Side2Side is the ideal Compactus for transforming under utilised areas into efficient storage space.

It's simple really! We just place a row of mobile shelving in front of a row of static shelving.

Side2Side is perfect for alcoves, narrow spaces and unusually shaped rooms.

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Side2Side Specification Sheet

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