Easylift Garage Doors and Automatic Gates
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Easylift Garage Doors and Automatic Gates
Easylift Garage Doors and Automatic Gates
The Little Lakkey

The Little Lakkey has been designed with individuals in mind that era constantly lifting heavy items from the floor to benches and from the rear of vehicles.
Its multi purpose use means that there are endless uses for this product.
Not only can it be wheeled freely around workshop floors but it can also double as a sack truck for use on rough terrain.
With a load rating of up to 125 kg and a maximum lift height of 105 cm the Little Lakkey is ideal for use in nearly all industries requiring manual lifting from ground level to bench height and reverse.
Its compact design makes it usable in office areas and its light foldable design means it can be stored easily with out getting in the way. Throwing it in the back of the ute or van isn't a problem as this product is made from heavy duty heat treated aluminum meaning it will last the distance.
With Occupational health and safety becoming a major issue and a real focus on manual handling at the fore it might be time to look at investing in something to make the lifting life of you and your employees that little bit safer and easier.
1. Compact design
2. Foldable tray and legs for easy transportation
3. Max Load 110 kg
4. Max Height 110 cm
5. Light compact easy to use design
6. Great for transferring products from one place to another
7. Gearboxes, Televisions, Air-conditioning, Boxes etc.
8. Reduces need for manual handling
9. Transfer materials from rear of vehicles, work benches, cupboards
10. Solid construction
Builders Lakkey
6m lengths standard lifting capacity for plaster sheets, timber, galv, piping

1. Standard 6m sheet lifting.
2. Horizontal and vertical loading.
3. 35 cm Load height
4. 5" Castors
5. No Tools Setup
6. Remote Control with variable speeds.
7. Manual Operation
8. Electric Operation
9. Emergency Stop Button

Maximum lifting-height: 345 cm (11.3')
Sheet capacity 600cm
Load-capacity: 90 kg (198 lb)
Basic-height: 102 cm
Loading Height in Vertical: 0 cm
Loading Height in Horizontal: 57 cm
Machine-Weight: 26 kg ( 57 lb)
Cradle-Weight: 8 kg ( 17.6 lb)
Dimension: 143x37x32 cm
Gross Weight: 38 kg
All Pupose Lakkey
Max height 340cm
Max load 82.5kg
Basic height 90cm
Basic weight 26kg
240v 4 amps
Basic tray 75cm x 42cm

Model CM5
Max Height 500 cm
Max Load UP TO 3.5m 82.5 kg
Over 3.5m 55kg Recommended
Basic Height 105 cm
240 v 4 amps
Basic tray 75cm X 42cm

  • Electrically and manually driven
  • No tools required
  • Carry bags
  • Spirit level in mast
  • Individually extendible legs for
  • uneven surface
  • Operational in confined spaces
  • Castor wheels (additional)
  • Emergency stop
  • Automatic Over load brake switch
  • Strong heat-treated aluminium
  • And much more
  • Heavy Duty Lakkey
    1. Available in either an electrically driven ES model or manually driven CS model.
    2. Electric operation efficiency is up to ten times faster than manual operation.
    3. Patented Folding Fork can be set up in seconds, easy to store without taking off from the mast.
    4. Equipped with micro adjustment switch, which allows controlled operation of the speed in which the lifter raises or
    lowers the load. Including micro touch for fi ne operation.
    5. Load capacity up to 300 kg (5M height).
    6. Reversible forks can be rotated for added height of 75 cm.
    7. Folding legs can be easily set up and packed in seconds allowing for compact storage.
    8. Compact design, easy to move to next job.
    9. One person can easily load onto truck or ute.
    10. 10-inch wheels allow traverse over rough ground and terrain.
    11. Easily moves through doorways without removing the load or tilting the lift.

    4 Models Available.
    Basic Height: 205 cm
    Lifting Height (Fork Up):
    ES/CS-3: 3.1m
    ES/CS-5: 4.6m
    ES/CS-7: 6.2m
    ES/CS-8: 7.8m

    Lifting Height (Fork Down)
    ES/CS-3: 3.8M
    ES/CS-5: 5.4M
    ES/CS-7: 7.0M
    ES/CS-8: 8.5M

    Load Capacity
    300 kgs to 5M
    Over 5M 200 kgs

    Length-Width (Store): 90 x 76 cm
    Length-Width (Operating): 207 x 169 cm
    Ground Clearance (Fork Up): 17 cm
    Ground Clearance (Fork Down): 92 cm

    Basic Approx Weight: (with Motor)
    ES/CS-3: 110 kg
    ES/CS-5: 130 kg
    ES/CS-7: 150 kg
    ES/CS-8: 170 kg

    (Take off 25 kg for non motorized)

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