Easylift Garage Doors and Automatic Gates
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Easylift Garage Doors and Automatic Gates
Easylift Garage Doors and Automatic Gates
Drive In Pallet Racking - Easylift Cairns - Easylift Rockhampton

Dexion's Deepstor is a revolutionary drive-in racking system. It is purpose designed to provide the space efficiencyand high volume storage of block stacking, with easy access to pallets. It is ideal for few SKU's with high pallet quantities.

Available up to 12 metres high, Deepstor is tailored to pallet, load size and handling equipment.

Picking and replenishment is facilitated by means of conventional forklift trucks, keeping costs to a minimum. Channels can only be served in one direction.

Unique self centering rails automatically position pallets quickly and safely, eliminating time consuming realignment. This ensures that pallets are presented correctly to the operator, promoting safe handling, ease of use and reducing mechanical damage to the rails and uprights. Rails adjust in 50mm increments to optimise space utilisation.

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Drive In Pallet Racking

Contact Easylift Cairns and Easylift Rockhampton for more information on Drive in Pallet Racking.

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Drive in Pallet Racking Works

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